- Speculating Crime Arresting Tools with Fart and Bacteria

What if you’re killed by your fart? What if fart could be a personal ID used for catching criminals, even leading to death penalties? Research indicates that the human body is surrounded by clouds of bacteria from fart, forming a unique microbiome profile for each person. This profile can be sequenced affordably, quickly, and with high accuracy.

This project speculates using fart bacteria as an ID to trace and apprehend criminals. Police would collect the microbial cloud at a crime scene and activate a fart-detecting system. When the criminal farts, the system identifies the matching microbial data, triggers the robot inflated with their fart, and choke and kill the criminal with smiley faces :)

3D Modeling & Arduino Code




TOOLS:  Rhino 8, UltiMaker Cura, Arduino
MEDIUM: Silicone, Fabric, Arduino, Air sensor, Pumps, Tubes
YEAR: 2024