- Vibrating the Abandoned Soundscape 

I didn't feel a connection with the land I stood on until I accidentally entered an abandoned place. It's isolated and overlooked by the world, but it's not lifeless. Graffiti adorns its walls, cracks tell tales of fire, and scars bear witness to rain and snow. It holds stories within its surroundings. It's beautifully lonely.


Geofone Recording
Impulse Response Recording
HIRT Convolver in Max/MSP
Data-driven Audio-visual with Modular Synthesizer


TOOLS: Geofone, Max/MSP, Audacity, Modular Synthesizer
MEDIUM: Sound, Video, Iron Wire, Fishing Line
DIMENSIONS:  1920*1080 / 02m54s
EXHIBITION: Digital Media Department Biennial Exhibition, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI
YEAR: 2023