- Experiential Exploration of “Phenological Rhythms as a Resource for Body-Nature Interaction Design”

Given the increasing need to tackle climate change, HCI and interaction design are exploring new, practical solutions. Elderly individuals possess valuable phenological knowledge and everyday experiences, which can provide important insights into long-term weather patterns. However, these insights often go unnoticed in sustainability discussions. 

Our research introduces PhenoProbe, an interview tool inspired by the 24 solar terms. It combines Taiwanese seasonal sounds and visuals to facilitate meaningful conversations between elders and researchers about their daily weather experiences. The following AR interaction is one of the visual tools we aim to integrate into participants' understanding of weather within domestic spaces.


Drawing inspiration from Laban Movement Analysis and the use of embodied metaphors in tangible interaction design, my investigation delved into every conceivable combination of object transformation, relative form, and effort in embodied interaction. This exploration was coupled with an examination of the experiential and metaphoric movement associated with specific weather conditions in daily life.

AI-generated AR Tag

We collaborated with technologists, employing Unity to actualize the integration of virtual objects into real space. This real-time spatial interaction enhances participants' understanding of weather, prompting more meaningful expressions and engagement. We use AI to create random and unrelated images that seamlessly blend into the background during the interaction.

RESEARCH TEAM: Cheng-An Hsieh, Hui-Chun Yang, Hongyu Wu, Rung-Huei Liang, Wenn-Chieh Tsai, Zhenchi Lai
TOOLS:  Unity, Midjourney
MEDIUM: Printed Paper
YEAR: 2023