- Speculating Entangled Realities through Quantum Theory

Quantum mechanics posits that when people intervene in observation, possible worlds collapse into a perceivable state, presenting themselves before us. Building upon this theory, we first ponder: what if the world we inhabit is actually fictional? We then delve into this premise, crafting artifacts and design fiction narratives to inquire: what if a camera could resample multiple fictional worlds, bringing us closer to an almost real world? Lastly, we propose a potential future scenario to contemplate the third what-if: what if spending more time in fictional worlds with AI brings us nearer to experiencing the actual world? This pictorial embarks on a profound exploration of theoretical, fictional, and conceivable discussions.



TOOLS:  Midjourney, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro
MEDIUM: Found Objects, LED light
DIMENSIONS: 1920*1080 / 01m01s
YEAR: 2023