- Imagining a Parallel Technology Evolution with AI

What if it were a woman who fired the first gun? What is the purpose of bleeding? What is the parallel evolution of weapons and technology?

The initiation of firearms traces back to the 10th century, with the Chinese invention of the fire lance—a bamboo or metal tube utilizing gunpowder to propel a spear. This ancient invention serves as a lens through which, with AI, I envision the multifaceted evolution of military technology in parallel worlds. As we segment the timeline, fracture history, and scatter the memory, it reveals potential alternate pathways and creates spaces for retreat possibilities.

These AI-generated images invite reflection on the narratives interwoven into the fabric of our shared human history and the values associated with weaponry and technology.

TOOLS:  Midjourney
MEDIUM: Digital Image
DIMENSIONS: 1024*1024
YEAR: 2023