- Granulating the Abandoned Air, Water, and Sound 

I explored a dark abandoned tunnel, where only ghostly sounds and the dripping of water could be heard, surrounded by a damp atmosphere. 
This project stemmed from an original thought: how to archive abandoned spaces by listening?


Investigating the myths of the Rainbow Bridge, the concept of the Tuning of the World, and the idea of rhizome, imagining the sound from the upside down world.
Searching some curious anecdotes about bridges or tunnels in ruins, such as people residing or practicing art within the ruins.
Imagining a fictional story of the bridge based on its shape, ancient Chinese typography, the concepts of blood, and the spectrum and frequency of sound, along with the principles of rising sea temperatures.

TOOLS: Geofone, Max/MSP, Audacity, Modular Synthesizer
MEDIUM: Sound, Video, Iron Wire, Fishing Line
DIMENSIONS:  1920*1080 / 04m51s
EXHIBITION: Digital Media Department Biennial Exhibition, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI
YEAR: 2023